Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Captain Kirk to the Rescue

One thing I've always been skeptical of doing when writing sports columns is to constantly rant and rave about my favorite teams or athletes. I try to always talk about something relevant that anyone can relate to like athletes aiding relief in Haiti, steroids in Major League Baseball, etc. This time however I'm going to hit home and talk about my favorite team, because for once in a very long time, they actually are relevant. The Chicago Bulls. My friends always harass me because I obsess over them and their catalyst, utility guard Kirk Hinrich. I think the reason for all the "hate" is because not just Hinrich, but the team itself is plain. There's nothing flashy about their style of play, they're never in the spotlight or topping headlines (with either positive or negative coverage), because they really don't do much to draw any attention to themselves. The only thing different this year than last, is that they finally have a star and a go-to play maker down the stretch in Derrick Rose. And soon, everybody is going to recognize the Bulls read more, click here