Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Noah Stays" Holds Strong Message

Outside of Boston, the Chicago Bulls and New York Knick organizations are arguably the two most iconic NBA franchises. Although each bring high expectations and a demand of success with each season, they also sport entirely different approaches to building and unifying their systems.
The Knicks are a much different organization now than they were in the 80's and 90's. Why? Desperation. In modern day sports, coaches in any sport at any level are pressured to win more than ever before. It is why we see so many traditional programs struggling to regain their dominance. College football has a mere perfect example in Notre Dame. The most historic college football program has failed to reach expectations for nearly a decade. And their only response has been to panic. As a coach, you get four, five years max and if you don't win, your out. The Knicks are the same way in the NBA, and not just with personnel but with their players. Outlandish free agent signings, unthinkable trades and questionable draft picks have been the resume for Knicks since the new millenium (65% of which we can credit to Isiah Thomas. He has royally screwed that organization into never-expiring contracts and world of debt. It's almost comical.). Each year they go out and throw millions of dollars at whoever is available, and often at guys who never live up to their pay (Bulls fans, say it together: 1, 2, 3, EDDDIIIEEEE  CUUUUURRRRYYYY).
The Bulls do things a little different in Chicago. Last year, every starter (Rose, Hinrich, Deng, Kibson and Noah) was drafted by the organization. Even guys like Tyrus Thomas and...gulp...Aron Gray who got solid minutes off the bench were at one time rookies with the Bulls. They believe in a system and go out and get the guys that fit it. Granted this past offseason was an exception because Lebron James in the type of guy you change your system, coach, president, mascot, arena etc. to attract.
But that's. The Bulls were front runners to land Nuggets G/F Carmelo Anthony but refused to include Joakim Noah in a package to land a top 5 star in the NBA. You don't see that too much in this day an age of sports. Franchises will throw and arm and a leg to get someone like 'Melo who would boost not just wins, but revenue and sales alike.
The message this sends to fans is that they should believe in the vision. The Bulls believe that they solidified themselves as Eastern Conference contenders with the Carlos Boozer signing this offseason and they don't want to change the game plan. The opening game roster will most likely include a Derrick Rose/Ronnie Brewer back court, Luol Deng as the wing man, and an impressive front court of Noah and Boozer. What does a Bulls roster look like with Anthony and no Noah? 'Melo replaces Deng and Brian Scalabrini alongside Boozer? Kurt Thomas? .......The Bulls like their chances, as do I. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Don't Count on Melo

It can't be said for sure that trade talks between the Bulls and the Denver Nuggets regarding phenom Carmelo Anthony will no longer continue. The discussions heated up early last week, but no progress has been made for several days. Here are a few things that ARE certainty's however:

1. In terms of being dealt, C Joakim Noah is not in the cards. Of course Bulls front office personnel will flirt around with idea because of the potential impact a player like 'Melo can have, but reported recently that GM John Paxson has said he will not deal the rising star who is a cornerstone (along with Derrick Rose and Luol Deng) of the Bulls franchise that is finally being pieced together.

2. The Bulls don't have many other trade pieces that interest the Nuggets. It's highly doubtful that Denver would be comfortable dealing Anthony for a package consisting of either Deng, Taj Gobson, James Johnson, a draft pick or cash. Bottom line is the Bulls have been building this team for years and don't want to give up one of their key guys. And after that, there is just not enough talent or money to bring in a player of Anthony's caliber.'s Bull's blogger Nick Friedel breaks the entire situation down. Story

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What We've Been Missing

It's good to be back. A new computer and updated Windows version later, and it's time to talk Bulls again. Since the off season acquisitions of nearly the entire Utah Jazz roster ( F Carlos Boozer, G Ronnie Brewer, G/F Kyle Korver & veteran G Keith Bogans), the Bulls have kept pretty quiet.
The biggest news for the franchise since mid-June has been Scottie Pippen's induction to the Hall of Fame. And rightly so, MJ presented him the award (Pippen's choice of course). After all, he owes "his airness" his entire career, but we'll save that debate for another time.
 But as far as current events go, Reinsdorf and Paxon have been pretty silent over the past month and a half. There really isn't much work for the men upstairs as the Bulls roster looks ready and prepared for pre season conditioning and work outs. The only question remaining is who new head coach Tom Thibodeau will go with alongside Derrick Rose in the Bulls back court come season tip off. The likely candidate is Ronnie Brewer who brings and all around efficient style of basketball and is great on ball defender. But the Bulls still need another scorer alongside Rose who has been leading the USA so far in the FIBA World Championships. Contract negotiations with Tracy Mcrady nullified after the veteran didn't raise any eye brows in his work out in front of team officials in early August.  Although many experts have predicted the Bulls to finish top 3 in the Eastern Conference this season, they're going to need another guy who wants and can handle the ball in the fourth quarter if they want to compete with the likes of Miami and Boston. No offense to Jannero Pargo, but his return to Chi-town will be short lived and unappreciated. Fans always booed the guard who put up shot after shot and shot 29% during his 3-year stint with the team.
Bulls blogger Sam Smith will release an interview tomorrow with coach Thibodeau on his thoughts regarding his expectations and predictions. Stay tuned.