Monday, September 13, 2010

Don't Count on Melo

It can't be said for sure that trade talks between the Bulls and the Denver Nuggets regarding phenom Carmelo Anthony will no longer continue. The discussions heated up early last week, but no progress has been made for several days. Here are a few things that ARE certainty's however:

1. In terms of being dealt, C Joakim Noah is not in the cards. Of course Bulls front office personnel will flirt around with idea because of the potential impact a player like 'Melo can have, but reported recently that GM John Paxson has said he will not deal the rising star who is a cornerstone (along with Derrick Rose and Luol Deng) of the Bulls franchise that is finally being pieced together.

2. The Bulls don't have many other trade pieces that interest the Nuggets. It's highly doubtful that Denver would be comfortable dealing Anthony for a package consisting of either Deng, Taj Gobson, James Johnson, a draft pick or cash. Bottom line is the Bulls have been building this team for years and don't want to give up one of their key guys. And after that, there is just not enough talent or money to bring in a player of Anthony's caliber.'s Bull's blogger Nick Friedel breaks the entire situation down. Story

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