Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stranger Than Fiction

Earlier this morning I was at a car wash applying for this summer-job gig, and espn was on the TV hanging  from the ceiling. Of course, the focus was on Lebron James and the "special edition" sportscenter that will air tonight at 9 o clock dedicated solely to James and his decision on where to play next season. I started to think to myself and put myself in his and other big name free agent's shoes. Most people, like myself, have to go out looking for jobs and fill out application after application in order to become employed.  Even some guys in the NBA who have to work themselves in developmental leagues and can't afford big agents have to go out looking sometimes. And many people sympathize with James and others saying this whole process is so stressful and what not; but how bad can it really be?
None of them (James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire, and many many more)  have to look or do anything really.  All they have to do is think. Think about which city would be more fun to live in and what team has the best pieces to win a championship.  Damn, I can't even imagine the stress levels. In all seriousness though, if having every media outlet suffocate you for a week and a half on what your next move will be is just too much to handle, I would think that one could find some comfort in knowing that your about to get paid hundreds of millions of dollars and that every team with deep enough pockets are fighting like dogs over scraps for you.
Me, I don't sympathize with them for a second. I envy them. The world can be a cold, cruel place and luckily enough for select individuals they will never be able to remove their heads out of the fame, fortune; the clouds.'s Bill Simmons wrote an interesting column this morning on why this summer's epic free agent period has somewhat of a fake ring to it, check it out

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