Sunday, July 25, 2010

T-Mac closer to signing with Bulls

ESPN's Marc Stein reports today that the Bulls have agreed to sign Knicks G/F Tracy McGrady pending a few circumstances, the first being a workout he will perform Monday (tomorrow) afternoon. The other may be the more relevant issue however. Mcgrady has floated around a bit towards the end of his career, and has had problems with playing time and how many shots he gets; most recently playing under Mike D'tanoni's run and gun offensive style in the garden. The seven-time all star still believes he can return to his elite form, but he will have to convince the Bulls that he is OK with accepting a role off the bench.
McGrady has "tweeted" his interest in going to the windy city and it appears he may be getting that chance. Stein's source states that he believes a deal will be set by the end of the week.
Mcgrady fits well into Chicago's offense, and although the Bulls are asking him to be 'OK' with coming off the bench, he still could land the starting spot at two guard if he impresses enough. He showed signs of the old T-Mac, who was a childhood favorite of Bulls PG Derrick Rose, while playing in New York but a 9.3 ppg average won't cut it if McGrady wants to have the ball in his hands.

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