Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Call To Order: *#@! Marc Stein AND Scottie Pippen

"This man is out of his damn mind," -Michael Jordan, I'm guessing
Marc Stein gave us a little insight that will forever tarnish his credibility and respect, in my book at least. While discussing the future and possibilities of how good Kevin Durant can/will be, Jordan came into the discussion (It was actually more of an argument at this point because apparently J.A. Adande feels that Durant doesn't deserve to be on same stage as Lebron James; yet). As usual, when Jordan jargon is being thrown around, I'm all ears. Brace yourself for this one.....Ready? In the always painful, squeaky Marc Stein voice, "Lebron having Dwayne Wade, and vice versa, doesn't even compare to the luxury of having a Scottie Pippen like Mike did." Here's the killer: SCOTTIE PIPPEN IS ONE OF THE 10, 15 BEST PLAYERS THIS LEAGUE HAS EVER SEEN. Now, while I go puke and ponder painful hate threats to email Mr. Stein, I will also be putting together all my thoughts for the ultimate Scottie Pippen column. It WILL be epic. This topic (Scottie Pippen to MJ)  makes up probably 3/4's of my bar discussions and I'm finally going to bring it all together. Because there is one Top 10 list Pippen ranks pretty high on. MOST OVERRATED, HYPED UP TALENTS OF ALL TIME.

Coming soon. Viewer discretion is advised. 

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