Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Let's Talk Money

Sometime last winter I wrote a column for The Rotunda (Longwood University's campus press) about how paying athletes overly-comfortable salaries-I think I set the mark at around $50,000-always turns out more negative than positive. I had comments blasting me about how my thoughts were naive and uninformative. Well the truth has come out as of late more than ever. Someone's oppositional argument was A-Rod. Do you think the Steinbrenner family has gotten the $150,000 a year performance they paid for? Absolutely not. Once championship doesnt mean squat when you take into account all of the baggage. All of the steroid allegations and investigations were a huge distraction in the locker room and whole city for that matter.Besides, it's the yankees we're talking about here. They would have found some way (or someone else to pay) to get them their anyway.
Money doesn't bring results, performance and statistics. It brings too much fame, immense amounts of pressure, and money-grubbing women. Cough, Cough......Tiger Woods.
A perfect example is Gilbert Arenas. After signing that ridiculous &100,000 contract  his numbers we're down noticeably, and no one needs to be reminded about the infamous gun-in-the-locker-room incident that placed him ineligible for an entire season. Now he's fighting just for a starting job.
This may seem like a lost argument but do you want more examples? OK America, or Redskins fans. How about Albert Haynesworth? Daniel Snyder is the richest owner in the NFL. How well has he fared?
In college, take Lane Kiffin. He's the biggest idiot on the national stage and somehow he lands big money contracts at the biggest schools. All because he talks a big talk. The only problem is that he hasn't walked 2-steps forwards yet. Soon enough he'll be exposed.
One of the biggest problems I have with the NFL is that the players who have the most to prove make the big bucks. How the hell does a rookie quarterback, who has never taken ONE professional snap behind center, earn more in his first year than most veterans? It's criminal! Few actually live up to their hype. But as long as their drafted in the first round, their guaranteed a lump sum of cash.  Hey Jamarcus Russell, how's life these days? You've lost your job in Oakland and will probably never play in the NFL ever again, but no matter. You've got more money than 3/4's of the league and deserve about, well, none of it.

Here's a few more guys that could fit into this category:
Ryan Leaf
Plaxico Burress
Micheal Vick
every NBA rookie

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