Friday, October 22, 2010

Who's It Gonna Be?

There are four things about Tom Thibbodeau's player rotation we know for sure. Derrick Rose will run point, Luol Deng will be the swing man, Taj Gibson will start at power forward (until the ailing Carlos Boozer returns from a fractured wrist), and Joakim Noah will finish out the front court. But Thib's (yes, the nickname is catching on) has yet to declare who will be the starting shooting guard opening night.
As of now, it remains a toss-up between Ronnie Brewer or Keith Bogans. To me Brewer is the clear-cut choice, but that's why I'm writing this and not holding practice at the United Center (for now, at least....wink wink). Bogans is a seven year veteran who has never really proved to be anything more than a reserve off the bench. Brewer saw plenty of minutes, including a starting role, in Utah and is an excellent on-ball defender. For a guy who's niche is defense, it makes one wonder what Bogans must be showing off in practice (because he sure hasn't shown anything in the preseason).
We'll see Tuesday night when the pulls tip off the season versus the Thunder of Oklahoma City. MLB playoffs & the NBA. Best time of the year. I cannot wait.

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