Monday, April 26, 2010

Oh Well... Maybe Next Year

Maybe it goes against the traditional attitude of being a 'fan,' but the Bulls will not move on to the second round yet again. Down 3-1, they are still alive in the series, but just barely. To win they would need to win 3 straight, including 2 in Cleveland. They have no answer in stopping Lebron, and no one besides D-Rose to give the ball to when you need a bucket. Noah has shown drastic improvement and been a force down low (23 pts. 20 reb. on Sunday), Deng has been solid all series. Hinrich, who I coined as the 'catalyst' of the team, has been inconsistent. The fact holds true though, when Captain Kirk plays well, the Bulls win. In a must-win situation on the last day of the season, Hinrich went for 30 and the Bulls looked flawless earning their spot in the playoffs. In Game 3 of the Cleveland series, he once again stepped up scoring 27, and the Bulls again looked like a playoff team claiming their first and so far only win.
The one positive thing for Bulls fan is they are going to continue to improve. They have a very strong core group including Rose, Noah, Deng & Hinrich, and don't forget they've freed up a significant amount of cap space to land a big time free agent this summer. To me, they have 2 ways they can go:
1. Sign F/C Chris Bosh and address the much needed offensive low post present. The combination of Noah/Bosh would be one of the best front courts in the NBA.
2. Move Hinrich (which has been tested ever year) and sign D-Wade. A back court combo of Rose & Wade WOULD be the best in the league no if's and's or but's about it. Think about that lineup: PG Rose, SG Wade, SF Deng, PF Gibson (rookie who can hit the 15-footer that showed solid improvement the whole season) C Noah. That completely changes the look and/or style of play of the Bulls, but it just might work.
Either way you look at it, the future is bright. So have no fear Bulls fans, only hope. Hope that Paxson and Reinsdorf don't screw up this summer, and can land the franchise's first big-name free agent in a very long time.

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