Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kobe vs. The Lakers: Who Needs It More?

Kobe Bryant to me is still the best player in the league. Lebron will surpass him soon enough, but not just yet. The reason "King James" is being handed the crown so unanimously nowadays is because we haven't really seen the Kobe Bryant that turns machine/robot-like in the fourth quarter.
For the Lakers, a lot of speculation and questions have came about entering the post season. There was no doubt they were going to head to Western Conference, but many have started to doubt the on-court chemistry and wonder if they might be vulnerable come second or third round. People are questioning whether the Lakers can hold it together, and if Kobe Bryant can find that flawless dazzle in his game once again. After watching tonights Game 2 matchup vs. the Thunder, I started to wonder; who needs this series more? "It" being not just a win, but a dominating, convincing, statement-making performance. The obvious answer might seem to be the Lakers, but I'm not so sure. One reason being the Lakers have no chance without Kobe. Zilch. And not just any Kobe Bryant,they need the 4-quarter closer from last seasons title run.
Kobe needs this more than the team, which seems odd to say but it's true. Kobe needs this not just for a 5th ring, but for his legacy as well. I'm a huge Kobe fan and a true Lebron "hater," but Kobe's reign is slowing slipping away. Lebron is at his peak and in the heat of his prime, and #24 needs to harness this post-season to remain the face of the league. Yes he's already in the Hall of Fame, but two years ago there were comparisons landing him in the top 5, and some even going as far as best ever. This season, Kobe has uncharacteristically seemed to play under the radar, and needs to remind people who the "Black Mamba" is this post-season.
If Kobe wants his rightful place in history, the time is now. Just think about it...this season has been coined as 'Bron 'Bron's year to finally get a ring and officially take the throne. Just imagine If Kobe could steal the thunder (no pun intended) of the 2010 playoffs, battle through the grueling Western Conference to secure another championship, and do it 'his way' again; oh how the tides could shift suddenly....and wouldn't It be great?


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  2. It's true that Kobe hasn't been dominating this year as in years past but it seems like people are overlooking a pretty big issue. The man has been playing with a broken finger and bad knees. Have you seen the cast on his finger? Its huge! Yet, hes still one of the top 3 players in the game and nobody can finish like him. He hit 6 game winners this year. All with that cast on his finger. He had to completely change his shot and work more with his left hand. He adapts better than anyone since MJ. Don't give up on Kobe. He still knows how to take control when it counts. He'll never squeeze the life out of the ball like Lebron.