Monday, April 19, 2010


Through many trials and tribulations, and as much adversity as one team can endure, the Chicago Bulls have sealed their place in the Eastern Conference playoffs. Needing to win out their final two games against playoff caliber opponents, the Bulls did what many doubted they could.
Over the final weeks, they were devastated with injuries including four of their starting five. When starting Center Joakim Noah went down with plantar fascitis, the Bulls went 0-12. Upon his return, the Bulls finished the season well above .500, and earned a first-round playoff matchup with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Facing Lebron James and the Cavs takes much of the excitement away from the exciting late-season run, however they made it nonetheless and need to maintain strict focus entering Saturday's series opening game.
Most people predict the series to be a sweep (of the Bulls of course) however I must remain faith in my team. They were overwhelming underdogs last year when they faced the Celtics in round 1, and it went all seven games and panned out as one of the best opening round series ever. Lebron is going to get his and there's nothing really the Bulls can do to stop him. However Deng is a good defender, and has the size and length to maybe make Lebron's points a little tougher to get. Derrick Rose has emerged as a star, and Noah is likely to win most improved player of the year. The Bulls can only hope that they play nothing short of stellar basketball, and that the other role players can pick up the slack and be difference makers.
Yes, the Cavs are the most probable to represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals, and most people aren't paying a lick of attention to this series at all. And maybe it's just the fan in me ranting and raving about my team, but I'm excited about it and am interested to see how the Bulls can respond to all the hype the Cavs are receiving. An upset of this nature would be one of the biggest in the history of the franchise.

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