Friday, May 21, 2010

Bosh's Wish List, and Mine

Finally, an original plan that I liked very very much. Remember when the Bulls had Chris Bosh on the radar last off-season? And during the heat of the trade deadline this a couple months ago, it was almost certain a last-second deal involving Bosh, Salmons and Luol Deng would go down. But it never did, which not to mention could have GREATLY affected the rest of their season because they wouldn't have had to play Cleveland in the first round. And they would have had a low-post presence since.....well, ever. Seriously the guy is an annual all-star. When was the last time ever the Bulls had a dominant low post scorer? It's funny to me this issue is never brought up. During the 90's, the most relevant names were Horace Grant, Bill Cartwright, Bill Wennington and Luke Longley. For an interesting "now-and-then" comparison, Bulls back-up C/F Scott Williams salary was $150,000. Nobody in the league in a long time has less than doubled that. Easily.
I have said for a long time I would love to see Bosh come to Chicago and feel the same way despite the Lebron nonsense. I would much rather take a player who doesn't have to have the spotlight and attention and meshes well with the style of a play than someone who could disrupt the chemistry and offensive flow. Not to mention I have a strong dislike (lightly put due to blogspot's adult content feature) for the man, but people who have been following me for a while are already scholars as to why so I won't go there (shoutout to all my COMM 410 classmates who have to suffer through my ranting and raving).
The Bulls are one of the few teams that have a starting lineup drafted by the franchise. Paxson and Reinsdorf have done a great job and are good at what they do. They also apparently know what they're doing. The point to this is that they have been building this team and it's style of playfor a while. They finally got the star they needed in Derrick Rose, who surrounds a bunch of solid guys, each with a repetoire that contributes in a different way. They are one peice away from being true contenders in the Eastern Conference, and the answer doesn't have to be Lebron James; that's all I'm saying.
Bosh alone transforms the team from decent to good, but the Bulls have the capability of signing two attractive free agents. If they got Joe Johnson along with Bosh, I can say in all honesty and no bias, that is more appealing as a fan and a basketball critic.
I understand that when a player of James' caliber becomes available, it's going to be the focal point of every team. But this whole hands-down go for Lebron campaign is too much. What happened to teams having criterias and agendas, and different systems to meet the goal of winning a championship?How can it be that when one guy gets on the market (besides a select few whom LBJ is not), it becomes the best fit hands down for every single team??
I for one do not have the answer. If you do, please, leave a comment on this post.

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