Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cease the Chatter....For Now

Nick Friedell, Bulls blogger for espnchicago.com , reports that Phoenix Suns assistant coach Dan Majerle has not dicussed the Bulls head coaching vacancy with team general manager Gar Forman or executive vice president John Paxon, but that he would be willing to listen if they call.
"Of course," he said to ESPNChicago.com before Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals on Sunday night. "Yeah, I'm willing to listen to anybody."

First off, I don't know anything aout him besides he played for the Suns in the 90's. What has he done for Suns that credits him the opportunity to be a head coach? I'm not saying he's uncapable of managing a team, but I don't think I'm alone in questioning what Dan Majerle has done as an assistant coach that places him at the fore-front. With that said; what makes this news? Did the Bulls reach out to Majerle first? No.... The report itself says Majerle has had no communication whatsoever with Bulls managagement. With that said; why is this even news? Is there anybody out there that wouldn't listen to the Bulls offer?
What is newsworthy about these "sources" and the different rumors/talks around the league is the fact that people like Phil Jackson and Dan Majerle have to be subjected to all this nonsense while their teams are fighting to win a conference championship. It's merely a distraction. No deal is going down for several weeks, no matter who says what in the time-being. I want to hear what Phil Jackson has to say about the Phoenix Suns and what his team needs to do not blow the once 2-0 lead. What he's doing next year is entirely irrelevant, at the moment at least, and he should be able to focus on what is.

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  1. Yeah, it seems cocky for him to say he'll listen to anyone. As if the Bulls don't matter. He hasn't done anything, so he's trying to save face. He'll probably run at the offer.