Thursday, May 27, 2010

Coaching Candidates "Not Appealing" to Bulls Fans

I read a fellow bulls-blogger today on how the Chicago Bulls have/will approach addressing the their head coaching vacancy. I agreed 100% on his stance, and had recently begun spinning some of the same thoughts in my head as well.
The collection of recent Bulls coaches all meet the same general criteria. Youg, in experienced guys coming out of an assistant coaching role who are looking to make a name for themselves. Not all, but many assistant coaches serve no purpose more than a simple marketing scheme to show people how loyal they are to their players. For instance; Brian Shaw. He spent many years with the Lakers franchise and was a part of the team's "3-peat" from 2000-03. But a few years later, he got old and slow and was taking up a space on the roster. Realizing that releasing the well-liked veteran and known "good guy" around the league could be seen as a down-side to free-agents looking for max contracts, Lakers management said heck, give him an offer to be a coach. And I don't blame them; I dig it.
Young coaches are more becoming more popular all over the professional sports world. There's now an appeal for the youthful, eccentric style that young coaches bring. But that's not what the Bulls need right now. Their finally turning the corner in terms of success, and their two biggest problems have been inexperience and inconsistency, two traits that mirror their recent coaching selections. I've like them all, especially Scott Skiles who lifted the Bucks into the fifth seed of the playoffs this season, but it's not the peice the team needs.
The Bulls need a coach that brings significant experience and can weld the foundations together. The talent level is now there, and will be even better after this summer's free agent signing period. A guy like Larry Brown who has made a name by stepping in and putting everything together would be ideal. Unfortunately he's working hand-in-hand with MJ on "the charlotte bobcats project," a team that made their first postseason ever in franchise history this past season. Off the top of the head, guys that could offer the Bulls some of what they're looking for off the top of the head are Avery Johnson, Byron Scott, Jeff VanGundy and Rick Carlisle. Instead the only people we've heard about in reference to the team are guys like Dan Majerle of the Suns, a guy played in the league in the 90's, got an assistant coaching position and wants to make a name for himself. No offense to Mr. Majerle, but I'm hoping the Bulls go in a different direction this time. It could be just as vital a decision as who they land as a free agent.


  1. I can really feel your passion about the Bulls from this post. I love that you know your facts. As a new found Lakers fan, I would like to thank you for giving me some information on my team. Also, it is good for people that don't know much about basketball to find out the role,or lack there of, of the assistant coaches.I also like that you shared another fan was displeased with this thought.

  2. Great articles, keep up the good work! Is King James comming to town? Bulls new coach is still playing.

  3. It seems that everybody wants him to come to Chicago, and most analysts see him chosing there. As a Lebron "hater" I hope for otherwise, but in the best interest of the team and their future I see their aspirations. I'm not sure what you mean by Bulls new coach is still playing? Their currently looking for a replacement for Vinny Del Negro. Thanks for your support and interest though